Anime Art!

Hi!!! How are ya people?? Sorry for not being active for a long time! Anyways how’s your day?? Tell me in the comments!

So, here we are… To my next blog! It is about Anime art!! It is about my Anime drawings!! Hope you like it!

This is my first anime drawing! Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto shippuden…. I drew it in the 2016!!

This one is a manga edition… From Naruto shippuden… Same year though!!

This one is from an anime called Noragami! This anime is sooo good!!

Naruto and Sasuke in a yin yang style…

This is Sakura Haruno from the anime Naruto!!!

This is my own character.. Her name is Kasumi Amaterasu!!

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan from Dragon ball Z!!

Alright! This is it for now people!! I’ll post another set of my drawings on the next blog!! Tell me how I draw in the comments!!! It’ll be much helpful!! Okay, I hope that I didn’t bore ya!! Well see ya later!!

Lavender: Morphology and Floriography

Hey there! How is your weekend?? Hope its good! So as you know that I’m very much interested in Flowers, you should guess what I’m gonna share today! Like the title says its about Lavender, its Morphology and Floriography! So let’s get started! πŸ™‚

Lavender, is a violet flower known for its beauty!

It is from the Kingdom Plantae…

Its clade is Angiosperms, angios means flowering and sperms means plants…

It is from the Order of the Lamiales and from the mint family, Lamiaceae…. The sub-family is Nepetoideae

They are from the tribe, Ocimeae

The genus is Lavendula which consists of 47species!

The most common species is Lavendula angustifolia 

It is an ornamental plant…. It includes culinary herbs….

Now onto its Morphology:

  • These are short-lived
  • They are sub-shrubs I.e, small shrubs
  • The leaf shape is simple in most of the genus… They may be lobed or unloved but they are not separated into leaflets
  • In some species, the leaf shape is pinnate… In some, the leaf is covered by hairs- which gives the essential oils
  • The Aestivation I.e, flower borne is Whorled
  • It is available in colors such as Blue, lilac, blackish purple, and yellowish….
  • The calyx is tubular in structure
  • The corolla has five lobes and it is also tubular in structure
  • The leaf arrangement is opposite to each node
  • It is bilaterally symmetrical
  • The stamen number is 4
  • The fruit is dry, but it does not split open when ripe

Now onto its Floriography:

Some flowers have two or three meanings itself! That is why I chose to tell you guys about  Lavender.

Lavender has 3 meanings to describe:

  • Loyalty
  • Love
  • Devotion

  • The first is Loyalty….

    So, you can easily say that lavender means loyalty…. Because, the color Blue is meant for loyalty too…

If you want to show your loyalty to your friend or relative or teacher or anyone, you can offer them a Lavender

Next meaning is love….

Love. To show your love to someone who’s special to you, or to a little kid, just give them a Lavender…. Lavender is a pleasant plant… It shows you the path of love if you really understand its nature(well, thats what i feel)

The next and final meaning is Devotion…

Loyalty, love and devotion are connected to each other… If you love someone, you’ll eventually show them your devotion and loyalty… Well, won’t you? So simple, to make others understand your devotion towards them, give them a lavender!

That’s all I know about Lavender’s morphology and Floriography! If any mistakes, tell me! Thank you so much for reading my blog! Until next time!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas people!!!!! Its an awesome season and time of the year! I’m not here to explain Christmas or something, but I think I should post some of my Calligraphy…

     As I’ve started calligraphy for a while now, I’m not that bad in it…. So you can trust that my Handwriting won’t be a bad sight! Let’s get started!

 I did it for today, as it is Christmas, calligraphy and art is must!!! I did it with Watercolors! And also, I’m allowed to do these only on holidays only (or else momma will scold me) I really like to do calligraphy with watercolors… Its kinda fun!

This one I did it with William Mitchell Calligraphy selection pen and Cretacolor ink. You can buy those in amazon! It’s really smooth on paper! This line is from Lana Del Rey’s Young and beautiful!

This one I did it with Artline 0.3 micro pen. This quote is my favorite quote from Richard Gilmore! This quote is kinda powerful and gives positive attitude to me! This quote was my first Time experience with Artline pen…

This one is a digital calligraphy! It was done by me for the Happy lettering Challenge in Instagram! I really like the digital writing too.. But its not as fun as Writing in paper!

This one is done with Camlin brush pens! It is amazing to write, and it easily blends with watercolor! My favorite blending color is orange and pink! It gives a tomato like  color!

This one was done with Luxor Chisel Marker! The chisel markers are perfect for calligraphy sometimes, it gives a complete look for a sentence or a word! This one was also for Happy Lettering Challenge in Instagram! You know something, I started Calligraphy because of Happy lettering Challenge page in Instagram! I was admired by the art and grasped it somehow!

You won’t find something so good about my handwriting in it, but the background I did with watercolors was even a surprise to me! I love this background so much because the blending of colors are so great that you want to see them without blinking!

This one was done with watercolors too! It was a commission for someone named Aparna for her birthday! She really liked it and she thanked me like nothing! It was a blending of Magenta and Violet!

That is all people! Hope you like it! For more of my art, please follow me on Instagram @toukatrishakirishima and on Deviant Art @toukatrishakirishima 

Sry I couldn’t post about basic design patterns for Mandalas this week! I don’t have any time for making a good video for you guys to understand! I’m really sorry!

‘Kay then! Merry Christmas once again! γ‚γ‚Šγγ‚Šγ™γΎγ™! Frohliche Weinachten! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux NoΓ«l! Feliz natal


Well hello again! How are you guys??? I hope you’re all fine! Now on to the Topic! 

            Essentials and basic patterns for Mandalas!

Starting off with the Essentials for Mandalas!

For mandalas, you should always have two important things with you! The first is a Micro tip pen.

For micro tip pens I would recommend you two brands, which I like!

1. Artline Micro tip Pen

 Artline is a good micro tip pen and it is smooth! I use Artline! Its very nice…. The size should be 0.2 or 0.3.. This much is good! Next is…

2. Micron

Micron is also a good pen and the flow is much better than other micro tip pens! It has variety of colors and some attractive colors too! Too good to use it for a mandala!

If you don’t have a micro tip pen, then go for markers! For a good marker, you can prefer 

1. Sharpie

Sharpie markers are smooth and waterproof and its good for calligraphy too! It has vibrant colors and cool colors too!! Next is…

2. Prismacolor 

Prismacolor markers are various in products and each product is awesome in its own! It has cool colors! There are double tip markers, brush like markers too! Those who can’t afford for copic markers, you can buy these!

The next essential is a Compass and a ruler! Compass are needed here because all can’t draw a perfect circle! You need compass for a perfect circle! The ruler is in need for splitting the circle!!!

Okay then! I hope you liked my blog! Next time I’ll meet you with another blog! The next blog will be, Basic design patterns for Mandalas! Thank you so much! Adieu!!


Hello! Today we are gonna talk about Mandalas… So what is a Mandala? It is an designing art where you put numerous designs! Mandalas are more relaxing and fun to do too!

It is a stress reliever. All you got to do is take a paper and a pencil/pen and start to draw your own designs.. 

Mandalas also help with your creativity skills.. Its okay to copy someone’s mandala for the first time or using it for reference, but don’t do copy the next time.

Mandalas are fun to color too. It is a beautiful art! Once you start to practice it, you won’t stop it. You’ll get addicted! Other than drawing mandalas on paper, you can even use it to design your own dress!

Today I’ll show you one of my mandalas

Hope you liked my blog! Next time I’ll start to tell the essentials and basic designs for Mandalas! Until next time!!!!

Floriography: Pink Rose

I love flowers so much! They are beautiful and cute in so many ways! That is why I chose to study Floriography, which is also referred as The Language of Flowers!

    Floriography was widely used in the Victorian Era.. The people in that era sent messages through flowers, which created the phenomenon, Floriography… 

      Today, we’re going to talk about Roses, particularly Pink Roses..

      There are 3 types of Pink Roses,

  • Pink Rose
  • Pale Pink Rose
  • Dark Pink Rose

Each color of the rose gives a different meaning… Not only Rose but every flower is applicable too..

Pink Rose means Perfect Happiness.

Okay, I think we have a doubt here! Why of all the flowers, pink rose is given the meaning, perfect happiness?

Even I don’t know the proper answer for that question! But just hear my opinion: Pink roses are kinda cute like babies… When you see babies, you’ll forget all your miseries and smile without your conscience… Like that, when you see a pink rose, you’ll forget all the bad things and you’ll attain perfect happiness! I don’t think that my opinion sounds that bad! Okay, onto the topic, the next is

Pale Pink Rose means Grace

So, what is grace people? Lemme tell ya!

   Grace has many meanings! For example, She has a natural grace of a singer. What does this mean? Here, the word Grace is used for appreciation. In the above sentence, grace is used for that woman’s charming personality.. So, if you want to appreciate someone with the word grace or charm or elegance, you can give him/her a Pale Pink Rose!

Next is, Dark Pink Rose means Thankfulness!

   The explanation is simple! Thankfulness: if you want to thank them whole-heartedly and to show them that youre indebted to them, you can just buy them a Dark Pink Rose!

  I think I explained this topic without any mistakes! Hope you like my article! Please tell me if there are any corrections! Thanks a bunch for reading my article! See ya soon with a next article! γ•γ‚ˆγͺら!